Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My Monday promise

I have promised to myself (oh silly me, why do I do these things?) that every sewing day one of the girls will wear something that I have made. That sounds great in theory, but there's only so many times one girl can wear the same two pairs of boutique bottom pants (which are due a post all to themselves one day soon). So I spent the weekend busily sewing this top so that Alice would have something new to wear.
It's based on a dress pattern I've forgotten the name of atm and I just cut it short. The material is from the lot I ordered from pinkchalkfabrics last week. I love the bright pink color and she looked just gorgeous (not that I'm biased!)with a denim skirt, pink leggings and white long sleeved top.


  1. Jane, I LOVE the fabric you have just purchased. I am SO inspired.
    What about some boys clothes???

  2. just gorgeous! I should order one for Verity!

  3. Just found your blog through the EB thread on O+S patterns.
    Gorgeous top you've made your daughter (love her name BTW - I too have an Alice!) - and the little pleated skirt is very sweet too.
    If you ever need a hand with Otto patterns shout out - once you get them they are great and so much to choose from.
    Looking forward to seeing more.