Sunday, August 30, 2009

Husqvarna Viking Sapphire 850

So, here it is. My beautiful new machine. We had a few hiccups in the first few days, mainly from me not understanding that I needed to adjust the tension (which I still don't feel confident with) but apart from that we are on our way :) It is so exciting to finally have a new machine and I just love it. I am still adjusting to where everything is, but it is great! The first thing I have made (well half made) is the Mia top below. It's hard to capture what I'm attempting to do, but it's my first go at shirring. So far I have done the whole bodice twice. The first tute talked about steam shrinking the elastic. It didn't. I must have had the tension wrong. I then rang the lovely people where I brought my machine and they rang someone who lives 5 hours away (I love their dedication to sewing) to get me some advice. I finally got a method that works so I've done the bodice. However, I have discovered that my machine cannot read patterns, so when I only cut out two pieces for the skirt instead of four, it didn't tell me where I'd gone wrong. So, I now have to redo the underskirt which involves buying more material as I have run out. Aaaagh! Luckily R is loving it so far.


  1. What do you mean your machine doesn't understand the instructions? Isn't that your job?

    Special machine for a special lady :)

  2. Would you mind sharing your method for the shirring? I have the same machine and am having the worst time getting a dress shirred.

  3. I need a manual for my mother's Sapphire 850. Any help would be greatly appreciated.