Monday, April 12, 2010

And finally....

I'm back!!
It's only been a few months (what can I say, I like to blog but prefer to sew :) ) and finally I've found the energy to post again. I have no idea why as it was my first day back at work after two weeks of holidays today, but there you go.
So, this is what I have been sewing over the last few months.
In no particular order...
Oliver+S Tea Party Sundress in Size 2 which fitted Alice perfectly over the summer, and still fits her now with a white t-shirt underneath. I love the piping on this dress and I was really happy with how it turned out. I think I originally got the fabric from Hawthorne Threads for the main piece and then got the piping fabric locally to match. I find it really hard to color match over the internet. In the photo it looks like it puckers down one side, but this is just how the dress was hanging.
Oliver+S Popover Sundress. I bought the material ages ago from Hawthorne Threads. Another dress that looked great over the summer and is working well with a top underneath as the weather gets colder here.
Oliver+S - there seems to be a theme here :) Bubble Dress pattern. I think this is the first Oliver+S pattern I made late last year and I really enjoyed sewing it. I love the instructions too, they just seem to encourage you to take more time and sew carefully. Oliver+S skirt from the Sunday Brunch Jacket and Skirt pattern. I purchased this material in my first online order way back in the middle of last year when I was first corrupted by the lovely sewers of EB ;) It's a Japanese fabric but I can't remember from where. I really love this pattern. It sits so beautifully and is so simple but classic with the two pockets at the front and the kick pleat at the back.The same pattern, different fabric. I've actually made 3 skirts from this pattern so far. I also made one for a dear friend from the April 08 Due In group - Hi Jode :)
And finally, my model and the owner of these clothes - Miss Alice. I attempted to get her to model one piece of clothing for me, but she wasn't so keen. So, this is the MIP Uptown Girl jacket which I adore. However, Alice is not so keen on jackets so it hasn't been worn as much as I'd like. The last picture. This is the top to the quilt that I have been distracted by over the last two weeks. Sorry Ottobre winter cords that have been half made for about a month now, but this quilt has been calling out to be made. So, I've finished the top and I might leave it now until I do the quilting course in late June to put it all together. It's made from a layer cake of Plume by Tula Pink.

Oh, and I have made clothes for the other girls and Angus, I've just run out of time to post the photos today. Hopefully I'll be back a bit sooner for the next entry!