Friday, September 11, 2009

Notebook and Pencil Holder

Thanks to , yesterday I made a notebook and pencil holder for a friend of one of my girls for her 4th birthday. I think it's fantastic. I hope she loves it as much as I do. I've never made anything 'crafty' before that wasn't an actualy piece of clothing. It was great fun! Apart from turning it inside out slightly incorrectly, thinking I'd sewed it together incorrectly, unpicking it and then realising I hadn't, and then resewing it - it all went well - relatively speaking. To be honest I'm getting a bit sick of making mistakes and unpicking with every single thing I make. At what point do I start to make things without mistakes? Someone advise me please.

Monday, September 7, 2009


There are lots of projects on the go at once here, so I thought I'd try and post about a few of them. Then I got distracted because my latest fabric from etsy arrived this morning.

So, I'll start with the etsy purchases. The first is a whole lot of half yards of the Tanya Whelan Darla range. I love it! Obviously :) It's very old world charm. Reminds me of my grandparents house on the farm where I first lived. I have no idea if they had anything like this in the house, but it makes me think of their house on the farm. I'm planning to turn it into a whole series of frilly tiered skirts for the girls. There are 10 half yards. The pattern I'm going to use is called 'gracie ruffle skirt' and it's from I got the fabric from them as well. I love the speed that things arrive from the US. I ordered on the 29th of August and it arrived today the 7th of September. Actually, when I look at how long that took it doesn't feel so speedy, but approx 10 days is pretty good I think. They also have an etsy shop if you're in the mood for shopping.

I also had another parcel in the mail this morning from, cottonthreadfabrics on etsy. I got 3 yards of Michael Miller fabric. I have visions of the red material as a top for me, and the two dotty ones as ruffle pants or skirts for the girls. Or maybe both. The Amy Butler yard is from the Midwest Modern 2 range and is to hopefully finish the pinkfig Mia top. It is for the underskirt. What a spoilt girl R is that she gets this beautiful material for an underskirt!

The 3 pieces of Pop Garden fabric are to make a colorful top (eek!) for me for summer. The pattern should arrive in the next few days. Hmmm. I haven't managed to take photos of it. What was I thinking? I'll try to add them in later.

I also started my 'Simple Country Sampler' (don't you love the name) quilt on Saturday. Here are my first 4 squares. One I did in class, the other 3 were for homework. Yes, for the first time in my life I have finished homework early! The quilt is potentially going to hang in the family room so it is in blues, greens and with a hint of orange and gold; so it matches all the rooms surrounding it. The hand is provided by my helpful assistant A.

Finally, I have included photos of the flipsy skirt. I am still yet to do the final tie (I know, I know) but I really wanted to show it off. I did lie the material for the tie across the top, so you get the effect. I might try and sew that tonight or tomorrow night. I'm really happy with the way the skirt turned out, and would gladly make another.