Monday, July 27, 2009

Sewing Day

Today was our sewing day and I finally took some photos of things I have made.

The second item I have made in the recent past is these pants as modelled by Alice.

They are meant to be 3/4 pants but she's a little bit of a shorty, and I figured they're great as longer pants in winter.

This skirt is the never ending skirt that took ages because I had trouble with feeling confident about cutting off a zip and whip stitching it, and then using it shorter than it was made. Who knew you could do that??

I'm also making my first ever Ottobre item at the moment and am using a cheaper material to practise with. Yes, I've got lots of things wrong. I've learnt that when you add seams to a pattern piece, only add them where seams would go. (Now that sounds pretty obvious, why didn't I work that out before I sewed bits together!) I've also learnt that when using elastic thread always have extra long threads so they can stretch with the material when you are sewing near it. I have now 'lost' my elastic threads on these cute little sleeves twice!! Oh, I've also learnt what to use as tracing paper, and that you don't need to have the patterns sticky taped to the window to trace them. See, lots of learning going on here.

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